Past Conferences

2016, October 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “Purity and Contamination in Renaissance Art and Architecture

2016, April 2, Renaissance Society of America: “Renaissance Now! A  New England Discussion”

2014, October 11, University of New Hampshire: “Culture, Credit, and Debt in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

2013, November 16, Brandeis University: “Thresholds of Faith and Fantasy: Spiritual Journeys and Real Spaces.”

2012, October 13, University of Massachusetts-Lowell: “Classical Revival and Reception in the Renaissance.”

2011, November 12, Wheaton College: “Expanding Relations: Families in the Renaissance.”

2010, October 9, Yale University: “The Immaterial Renaissance.”

2009, October 30-31, Boston University: “Value and Judgment in the Renaissance.”

2008, October 10-11, Wesleyan University: “Travel, Trade, and Translation in Early Modern Europe.”

2007, October 20, Brown University: “Nature’s Disciplines.”

2006, October 7, University of Connecticut: “Boundaries of the Human.”

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